Clean air is important for our respiratory system. Sometimes in our space, there is little fine dust, which we can’t see nor clean. Fine dust can cause many diseases. For that, we’d need a filtration system for it.

If you’re looking to buy one of them, let us help you! Our team has put together 10 suggestions for you to go read through and consider which one to get. Plus, we also have a buying guide below the list.

10. WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

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At the firs of our list, we have WEN’s 3410 air filtration system, which will bring back clean air into space after installation. Its remote control function enables you to be able to change the speed level or set a timer from 26ft. away.

This system has 3 levels of speed operations, giving the airspeeds of 300CFM(8.49 m^3), 350CFM (9.9 cubic meter) or 400CFM (11.3 cubic meter). With this level of airspeed, this air filtration system can circulate a 400sqft. (37.16sqm) room 7.5 times/hour. Moreover, this system allows easy change to the included 1-micron filter and 5-micron pre-filter. This system is designed to be lightweight and easy to be installed on your desired wall; it’s got hooks and weighs only 31lb. (approx. 14.06kg).

When ordering this product, you will receive an outer air filter, an inner air filter, the hooks, chains for hanging installation, some screws. Plus, WEN will also provide you a 2 years warranty after the purchased date.

09. POWERTEC AF4000 Remote Controlled 3-Speed Air Filtration System

POWERTEC AF4000 Remote Controlled 3-Speed Air Filtration System

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POWERTEC’s AF4000 filtration system helps catch and get rid of 99% of airborne particles. This system, the AF4000, is an affordable product that gives you high-end results. It is lightweight and easy to mount on your shop’s wall(s). Each package includes mounting rings and hooks for the mounting installation.

It’s got 3 levels of airspeed, which is adjustable both manually and with the provided remote control. The airflow of each speed is 300CFM, 350CFM, and 400CFM. AF4000 runs on 120V, 60 Hz, 1/6 HP and motor speed of 1200RPM, 1400RPM, 1750RPM, respectively depends on the speed level you select. There are both inner and outer caliber filters, which are both easy to be replaced and clean. Plus, it has a timer control within its many functions as well.

08. AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 Industrial Commercial Air Scrubber

AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 Industrial Commercial Air Scrubber

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AlorAir’s “Cleanshield HEPA Air Scrubber” has an airflow level of 220CFM to 550CFM and different speed levels for you to choose from. It’s made from sturdy PTT materials, which are both anti-breakage and long-lasting. Its bottom part is made from rubber, which helps avoid skidding and aids secure placement on the potential slippery platforms. When functioning, it runs on 115V, 60Hz and emits less than 69DBA. Moreover, it also has a Circuit Breaker protector, protecting connected loads and onboard components.

This model has a unique 3 levels filtration and an air-purifying function, plus a filter change light. They have a black cover, which is removable, for isolation between its two other filers, which are the G3 filter and the HEPA filter. Its GCFI outlet grants dais- chaining. Moreover, this product is small, portable and quiet. It is stackable and versatile; suitable for home repair, construction sites, and fire and water restoration. All these listed features enable you to be able to adjust the filtration accordingly to your workspace’s environment or situation. AlorAir also offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 10 years home warranty.

07. MOUNTO Hepa500 1/3hp 500cfm Industrial HEPA Air Scrubber Air Filtration System Dust

AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 Industrial Commercial Air Scrubber

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This portable “air scrubber,” has a two-filtration system. MT500’s airflow level goes from 250CFM to 500CFM, allowing you the ability to adjust the filtration level correspondingly to your environmental needs. Its filtration system filters mold and sewage expiation, fire and water restorations, unnecessary smell and harmful fine dust. The first filter is a standard paper filter. This filter catches bigger particles of dust, dirt, trash. The second layer of the filtration is a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are rated to seize up to 99.97% of particles. Above its two-layers system, it’s got a HEPA filter change light as well.

If you plan on getting this product for your heavy-duty workspace, you can also extend its HEPA filtration life by adding a 2nd layer of standard paper pre-filter!

06. Rikon Air Filtration 400

Rikon Air Filtration 400

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Rikon’s “Air Filtration 400” filtration system has LED lights installed in its button control panel. Don’t get confused though, this product can be controlled the provided remote control as well. It works well both smaller sized shops and bigger sized shops. You adjust the airflow speed between 300CFM, 350CFM, and 400CFM. During operation, this product runs on a 1/6HP power and produces a very quiet hum in the background as you go about your day, working and breathing in clean air.

Whenever you feel like the filtration system isn’t filtering as well as before, you can change its filter anytime with its quick latch feature, simply by releasing the latch! When ordering this product, you will get a carrying handle, for its portable purposes and 4 eye bolts for mounting on ceiling(s) and wall(s).

05. Shop Fox W1830 3-Speed Hanging Air Filter

Shop Fox W1830 3-Speed Hanging Air Filter

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In the middle of our list, we have the CSA certified, W1830 air filtration system from Shop Fox. This unit is small in size, but it does its job really well. Each of these models has filters that can be replaced or cleaned easily by being blown out with compressed air or by some good ol’ washing. Each package will be sent out with eye bolts and chains. You can use the chains and screws to install this product on your ceiling or onto your workbench, table, shelf, etc.

It runs on 1/8 HP and 120V, each phase, and weighs 33.2lb (approx. 15kg). By using its remote controller or its control panel, you can regulate its airflow level and set a timer. Its 3 airflow levels run on 260CFM, 362CFM, and 409CFM, with the capacities of 1200RPM, 1400RPM and 1750RPM respectively. The timer can set the system to run when you’re not in-store or will be away. It has a timer of 1hr, 2 hr, and 4hr.

04. POWERTEC AF1044 Remote Controlled 3-Speed Air Filtration System

POWERTEC AF1044 Remote Controlled 3-Speed Air Filtration System

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POWERTEC appears once again on our list! The reason is, that POWERTEC is a reliable manufacturer for woodworking tools, accessories, machines, and OEM replacement parts. They keep their technology updated and convenient for their customers and everyone else.

This model of the air filtration system (AF1044) runs on 120V and 60Hz, and it also has two filters within it. The first layer is a 5-micron layer. It is placed as the outer layer and catches the larger particles of dust. The inner layer is a 1-micron layer. This layer captures and eradicates 99% of the flying particles in your space.

Furthermore, it can be controlled by its provided remote. The remote enables you to adjust the airflow speed while comfortably work from your station. For the LOW setting, it runs on 556CFM, 750RPM, and 62dB. MEDIUM setting runs on 702CFM, 960RPM and 67dB.

Finally, the HIGH setting runs on 1044CFM, 1200RPM and 69dB. On top of adjusting the airflow speed with the remote, you can also set the timer and save more money on the electricity in case you forgot to turn the unit off; 1hr, 2 hr, 4hr options. In view of the fact that it’s lightweight, you can easily install it onto to your ceiling with the provided eye bolts and hooks, and not worry about the provided hooks snapping and cause any unnecessary accident.

03. OmniAire 2200UL Air Filtration System with Bag Filter

OmniAire 2200UL Air Filtration System with Bag Filter

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This model, the “Omni Aire 2200ULBF”, is one of the best on the market at the moment. However, they are bigger in size and heavier in mass, which makes them less portable. Each of them weighs up to 125lb (approx. 56kg) and runs on the thermally protected motor of 1/2HP to 1HP, 115V, and 13.8Amps. When turned on it hums quietly in the background of your space, at the rate of 70dB.

It is made with a W.C. Construction Aluminum exterior. Furthermore, it has strong airflow levels of 1000CFM to 2000CFM, including a HEPA filtration bag (24in x 24in x 11.5in OR approx. 60cm x 60cm x 29cm) as the main filer and a Two-Stage Poly Discharge Dia (24in x 24in x 2In. OR approx. 60cm x 60cm x 5cm) included in the system.

02. WEN 3415T 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System

WEN 3415T 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System

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This WEN’s industrial system, 3415T, runs on 3 airflow levels, 556CFM, 702CFM, and 1044CFM. You can use its remote to adjust its airflow level and set a time from 26ft away (approx. 8m). This quiet system emits a low 63dB to 68dB and runs on a strong 3A motor.

It’s motor and powerful system can circulate a large room’s air 7.5 times per hour. 3415T’s filtration system has 2 filters, 1st filter of 5-microns and 2nd filter of 1-microns. This 2 layered filtration system allows no dust to trespass its inspections.

WEN also provides a 2 years warranty to its customers, reliable phone line customer service and experienced technicians help.

01. JET 708620B AFS-1000B 550/702/1044 CFM 3-Speed Air Filtration System

JET 708620B AFS-1000B 550/702/1044 CFM 3-Speed Air Filtration System

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And last but not least, we have Jet’s 708620B heavy-duty air filtration system. Each purchase from this model includes eye bolts and nuts, mounting brackets, remote control for airflow speed and timer (2hr, 4hr, and 8hr), 2 AAA batteries, a Velcro pad, a manual, an electrostatic pre-filter and the filtration system itself. Its electrostatic pre-filter seizes more dust particles than your average filter. Plus, both its filers are removable and easy to clean or replace.

Its exterior is made from durable steel (54lb OR approx. 24.5kg) and can be hanged on the ceiling(s) or securely set on any platform with its rubber feet. Its filters are made to eliminate 98% of 5-microns particles and 85% of 1-micron particles. It’s got 3 speed controls: 550CFM, 702CFM, and 1044CFM.
Jet also offers a 5 years warranty on each product purchased.

Buying Guides

Weight: Each product weighs differently depend on is the main feature or marketing feature. Most of the time, a portable air filtration system can weigh up to 23kg or 50lb. As for the heavier and less portable ones, he can weigh up o around 50kg (110lb.) or more.

Packaging: With these systems, each pack usually comes with eye screws for ceiling installation or chains for hanging. Some of them are made with rubber feet for a more secure stance.

Size: Sizes are just like weights, it depends on its marketing feature, whether it’s portable or not.

Warranty: Warranty depends on the company of which you go he product from.

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