A well-known fact about photography is that things can get a bit expensive. Whether or not your main camera is expensive though, you would still want to keep it safe for the years down the line. For that reason, our team has put together a list of camera backpacks/cases suitable for carrying your equipment.

10. TARION Camera Bag Backpack DSLR Mirrorless Camera Case

TARION Camera Bag Backpack DSLR Mirrorless Camera Case

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First up on our list is a backpack from Tarion. This backpack has a somewhat retro concept to it. Its scratch-proof polyester material is lightweight, soft, durable and won’t fade easily. It is also equipped with air mesh padding on the shoulder and back straps to support your back while traveling. It also has a rain cover in the under compartment. Plus, this bag can also expand and has a silicone grip.

It is made with thick internal EPE protective padding, which helps keep your equipment safe and organized when you’re traveling. Its compartments include side access for easy camera pull-outs. This bag can fit 1 laptop, 2 DSLRs, 3 to 5 lenses, 2 Speedlights, and a tripod. Moreover, it has additional storage for SD cards, batteries, etc.
This product is 11.2in x 6.1in x 18.1in (approx. 2.44cm x 15.5cm x 466cm) and weighs 3.04lb (approx. 1.37kg), total capacity of 17L.

09. DeKaSi Seeker Backpack Compatible for GoPro Max Daypack Go Pro Camera Bag

DeKaSi Seeker Backpack Compatible for GoPro Max Daypack Go Pro Camera Bag

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One level up on our list is the “Seeker Backpack” from DeKaSi. This backpack has a capacity of 16L and can fit many things inside its many compartments. You can put in 5 GoPro’s, SD cards, batteries, a 15in. (approx. 38.1cm) laptop and one normal camera or your main sports gear. It is made with a back support system that keeps your back comfortable and dry all day.

This product is made from strong lightweight material; it can withstand snow while keeping your pieces of equipment safe and sound. Furthermore, the equipped rain cover can be pulled from the bottom pocket. The built-in chest mount allows you to record with your sports camera from your perspective, without having to hold it.
It has the dimension of 18.7in x 7.1in x 10.4in (approx. 47.5cm x 18cm x 26.5cm). When getting this product, you will receive 1 integrated chest mount, 1 backpack strap mount, 2 long thumb screws, 1 J-hook quick release, and 1 built-in rain cover.

08. CADeN Camera Backpack Bag Professional

CADeN Camera Backpack Bag Professional

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Next, we have a backpack from CaDeN. This backpack is smaller than the ones we’ve mentioned on our list. Its dimension is 11in x 5.5in x 14.2 in (approx. 28cm x 14cm x 36cm) and can fit in 1 camera’s body, 4 lenses, a flash, an iPad and other additional accessories. On the sides of the bag, there are high-quality mesh pockets for an umbrella, a bottle or a tripod.

This product is also made with a shoulder belt, which can be lengthened out, a hidden zipper and inner padding for the compartments. It is also waterproof (900D polyester material) and professionally recommended for outdoor use.
CaDeN also provides a 1-year warranty and is always happy to help with any problem concerning their products.

07. Estarer SLR/DSLR Camera Backpack

Estarer SLR/DSLR Camera Backpack

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This camera backpack from Estarer can be used as a camera backpack or a normal every book bag. Its bright green interior helps small objects to be found easily. The interior is equipped with strong yet soft Velcro dividers. These dividers help keep your pieces of equipment from crashing into one another during our travel. As for the exterior, it is made from durable water-resistant nylon material, reliable YKK zippers, and sturdy top handle.

Its dimension is 16.5in x 6.3in x 9.8in (approx. 42cm x 16cm x 25cm) and weight is 2.4ln (approx. 1.1kg). Its many detachable compartments can fit in 1 DSLR/SLR camera, a 15.6in (approx. 39.6cm) laptop or an iPad, lenses, flash, chargers/batteries and some more extra accessories. On one side of the backpack, there is a strong mesh that can be used to store a bottle or an umbrella. As for the other side, there are straps to store your tripod.

06. Endurax Camera Backpack Waterproof

Endurax Camera Backpack Waterproof

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Next up, we have a waterproof camera backpack from Endurax. With this backpack, you can travel comfortably and efficiently. It is equipped with a breathable back padding and adjustable shoulder straps. This urban designed backpack is made from high-density polyester material, which can withstand the rain, snow, and dust. Moreover, it gives extra protection with its strong PVA hard-shell front panel.

Internally, it is built with many reliable and removable dividers that keep your equipment safe from both internal and external impact. It can fit in a DSLR camera, extra 4 lenses, 1 flash, tripod and additional types of equipment. Inside the front compartment, you can also fit in a 14in (approx. 35.5cm) laptop. The dimension of this product is 17.5 in x 12in x 6in (approx. 44.45cm x 30cm x 15.2cm). Plus, it has a chest strap for an even more secure carriage. Endurax also offers a 30 days return policy and a 1-year warranty.

05. Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera & Laptop Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera & Laptop Backpack

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In the middle of our list, we have the “ProTactic BP 450 AW II” from Lowepro. This backpack has a large capacity of 25L. Its total dimension is 8.7in x 20.5in x 14.2 in (approx. 22cm x 52cm x 36cm) and weighs 5.91lb (approx. 2.68kg). This backpack is also built with a strong AW cover for extra protection; it can withstand rain and snow as well.

Its interior has durable dividers, while the exterior has strong zips and a side opening for quick camera actions. The model 450 can hold a 15in (approx. 38cm) laptop safely in place, while the 350 models can fit a 13in (approx. 33cm) laptop. In addition, Lowepro has also built this bag with an Activzone system technology. This technology provides extra comfort to the waist, shoulder blades and lumbar.
When ordering this package, you will receive the backpack along with a SlipLoc utility pouch, a water bottle holder, 2 quick straps, a tripod cup and, of course, lifetime support from Lowepro.

04. BAGSMART Anti-Theft Professional Gear Backpack

BAGSMART Anti-Theft Professional Gear Backpack

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Bagsmart offers many designs of sports backpacks, school bags, etc. For our list, we have chosen their anti-theft camera convertible backpack to talk about.

This bag is made with 800D water-repellent polyester material. It has 2 side adjustable buckle straps to securely hold your tripods, water bottles, umbrellas or other items. Plus, if you want to activate the anti-theft function, you can zip the double zippers from the top to the bottom part of the bag and buckle them in. On top of that, this bag is also made with adjustable chest and waist straps, and a breathable back mesh. The rain cover can be pulled out from the bottom part as well.

If on some days you want to use this bag as an everyday book bag, simply just unzip and remove the compartments. Its external dimension is 13in x 19.7in x 8.3in (approx. 33cm x 50cm x 21cm) and its internal dimension is 10.2in x 17.7in x 7.1in (approx. 26cm x 45cm x 18cm). Its capacity can hold 1 DSLR, 2 to 4 lenses, a 14in or 15in laptop, tablets, and other equipment. Its bottom compartment can be accessed through side zip.

03. Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

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If you’re looking for something more low-key, we’ve got you covered. This sling bag from Peak design can be used for both everyday usages and as well as a camera bag. It can also be converted into a fanny pack. Its total capacity is 5L; 9.4in x 7.3in x 0.6in (approx. 24cm x 18.5cm x 1.5cm). It can fit a compact camera, lenses and some additional compartments for other small equipment inside its 2 inner pockets and 2 FlexFold dividers.

This convenient bag is made from 400D nylon canvas shell exterior and strong zip, allowing it to be both reliable and water-resistant. As for the interior, it’s made from soft and durable cotton and polyester.

02. Pelican 1650 Camera Case With Foam

Pelican 1650 Camera Case With Foam

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Pelican has a reputation for manufacturing reliable cases and backpacks for professionals. Their products have been used in many complicated situations and are still able to live through most of them.

The Pelican 1650 Camera Case is made from crushproof copolymer-polypropylene exterior material. The handles and hinges are made from very durable stainless steel. This case also has a padlock for extra security against cracking, cutting and any form of theft. It is completely watertight, able to stay cool under strong water pressure.

This case has the dimension of 30.75in x 20.5in x 11.62in (approx. 78.1cm x 52cm x 29.5cm) and weighs 24.03lb (approx. 10.9kg). Furthermore, you can also get a custom engraving for a minimal price.

01. Nanuk DJI Drone Waterproof Hard Case

Nanuk DJI Drone Waterproof Hard Case

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Last but not least, the product that takes the top spot of our list has come. The Nanuk 920 Hard Case was made after countless hours of research and development in order to fit for the most difficult situations.

This case has been used in military purposes, as it is completely water-proof (rated IP67), dust-proof and shock-proof. Furthermore, is lightweight and can regulate its pressure accordingly to the geographical pressure with its integrated air vent (still water-proof). It’s also equipped with NK-7 resin and Power Claw latches and can be optionally locked with TSA padlocks.

This case (model 920-MAV7) has the dimension of 15in x 10.5in x 6.2in (approx. 38cm x 26.67cm x 15.cm). It is custom cut to carry a DJI Mavic Pro, 4 flight batteries, folding propellers, a cell-phone, battery-charging hub, battery-to-power-bank adaptor, a remote controller and additional types of equipment. Nanuk provides a 1-year warranty for any damage after the purchase date.

Buying Guides

Features: it is better to find a backpack or case that is both shock-proof and water-proof for your equipment, as the price can be similar (of course, it depends on the brand as well).

Size: make sure to get a backpack/case according to the capacity that you’d likely carry or is carrying. This also applies to what kind of usage you will use it for as well.

Warranty: For more solid information, do read through the warranty information that each product’s page has provided before purchasing.

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