Even during a busy schedule, it is important to still have outdoor outings with family and friends to enhance your relationship. And for this to happen, you need to have tables that are made for these purposes.

If you are having a hard time trying to pick a foldable table for your outdoor activities, you should start off by taking a look at these reviews for the top folding picnic tables. So as to reduce your hard time, we will also offer some factors to look at to purchase a suitable product.

10. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables Aluminum Table Top

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Trekology is built to stand strong even during stormy weathers. Different from the regular wooden or nylon-top picnic table, Trekology has an aluminum top that is water-resistant, weather-resistant, and simple to wipe clean. Trekology is constructed from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy covered by elegant metallic colors.

This table is perfect for occasions such as backpacking, camping, BBQ and picnics. It’s firm structure can sustain heavy actions like cutting and cooking. Furthermore, it is light in weight, so it is easy to bring along for outdoor activities. Trekology is simple to set up with no tools are required.

09. Best Choice Products SKY1593 VD-2968OP Portable Folding Table

Best Choice Products
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Best Choice Products can be used for various purposes. It can be used for an outdoor cookout or for backyard parties. This table has a foldable design, side lock and handgrip make it easy to bring along on trips and easy to store away when it is not needed.

Best Choice Products has a sturdy plastic tabletop that is simple to wipe clean and can support food, drinks and many other items. The legs of this table have a powder-coated finish and a non-slip rubber to maintain its stability during any event.

08. Beckworth & Co. SmartFlip Bamboo Portable Outdoor Picnic Folding Table

Beckworth & Co.
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Beckworht & Co. is perfect for any outdoor activities as it has adjustable height and an authentic look that is suitable for beaches, picnics and many more. This product is a one of a kind table. It has a 1-piece design with no extra parts to install, folding and unfolding it is simple and takes only seconds to do so. Beckworth & Co. is a big table when unfold, but when folded, it is small in size making it consumer little space when in-store. Furthermore, it has an adjustable height, it can be adjusted between 17” and 25.6”. Simply twist the leg and extend to adjust.

Beckworth & Co. is built from high-quality materials. Its tabletop is made from a high-quality Moso bamboo, and its legs and frame are made from a lightweight aircraft level 7075 steel. Despite its lightweight, it can hold up to 66lbs.

07. Outsunny 4 Person Wooden Portable Compact Folding Suitcase Picnic Table Set

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Outsunny is light in weight and can be folded to the size of a suitable easy for storing or to bring along during trips. This table has four seats great for outdoor activities with family and friends. This table is designed to be used in various situations.

In addition, Outsunny can be used for many purposes such as for serving food, for playing games, or for simply enjoying the outdoor view. This table is a 1-piece table, so setting it up and folding it down is simple and quick.

06. FrenzyBird 4-Person Folding Picnic Table with 4 Chairs

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FrenzyBird is portable, foldable and light in weight, easy to bring along on the go and easy for storing away. This aluminum table comes with three adjustable height which is 21.6”, 27.5” and 31.4”. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to wipe clean, and long-lasting. FrenzyBird comes with 4 foldable chairs that can be stored inside the table when folded. Its legs are square in shape and have additional crossbeam design ensuring the sturdiness of the table.

FrenzyBrid is great for outdoor outings such as picnics, camping, BBQ and backyard parties. It is simple to set up anywhere anytime. Also, when folded, it has double handgrips offering an easy transport.

05. REDCAMP Folding Camping Table Adjustable, Portable Picnic Table

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Redcamp has two adjustable heights which are 22 inches and 27 inches. It is a sturdy table due to the thickness of the tabletop and the thick table leg. To ensure its sturdiness, it has an additional U-shape side support and a secure lock. Redcamp is light in weight, with the weight of the foldable table plus the chairs set amounting to less than 20lbs.

Although it is light in weight, the table is able to sustain up to 70lbs and the chairs are able to sustain up to 180lbs. Setting up this table and chairs is simple and quick. Also, the table has an easy-wipe-clean tabletop making it suitable for many outdoor activities such as picnics, BBQ, fishing, camping, and even concert.

04. Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Picnic Table 

Trademark Innovations
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Trademark Innovations has a table weight capacity of 66lbs and a chair weight capacity of 352lbs. This picnic table can easily be folded into a suitcase shape with a handgrip for easy transport. The framework of this product is aluminum ensuring the stability of the product.

Furthermore, the tabletop and the chairs are made from heavy-duty plastic which is environmentally friendly. Both the chairs and the table are built using high-quality materials by Trademark Innovations, so consumers can be cleared of any quality doubts.

03. Giantex 70″ 3-Piece Portable Folding Picnic Beer Table 

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Giantex is great for having a beer and rest during leisure time outside. The wood used to build this product is of premium quality. The benchtop is built from a high-grade Chinese fir wood which offers a solid yet smooth touch. As for the table, it was built with heavy-load iron frame making it long-lasting and stable when in use. Giantex has a foldable design which makes storing and carrying easy and quick.

Since the chine fir wood top of the product easy to wipe clean, it is perfect for outdoor outings especially during events as it gives off a raw yet refined edge to the decoration. Lastly, setting Giantex up and taking Giantex down is easy and can be done in seconds and no equipment is required.

02. PLAYBERG QI003346G Aluminum Portable Picnic Folding Table

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Playberg is designed to be light in weight and long-lasting. It is perfect for occasions such as family meetups, picnics, camping, BBQ and buffets. The total measurement of the product is 53.5” W x 33.75” L x 27” H. The table measurement is 33.75” W x 26.5” L x 27” H and as for the bench measurement, it is 32” x 11” L x 16” H.

Also, Playberg table has a hole located in the middle perfect for a standard scale of beach umbrellas. This way, even when it is drizzling, you can still enjoy your time outdoors with family and friends.

01. REDCAMP Outdoor Picnic Table Adjustable

Redcamp Outdoor Picnic Table
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Redcamp Outdoor Picnic Table has two adjustable heights which are 15 inches and 28 inches. It is a sturdy table thanks to its thick tabletop, thick table leg, U-shape side support, and secure lock. This table is easy to set up and fold taking up less than a minute.

There is a carry handle when folded so as to make it easier for transport. In addition, the tabletop can be easily wiped clean using a paper. Redcamp Outdoor Picnic Table can be used for other outdoor activities as well, not just for picnics.

Buying Guide

During any purchase, anyone would want to avoid buying a defective or an unsuitable product. However, it can be challenging as there are so many options with different features. To make sure that the purchase is suitable for what you are looking for, it is best to consider a few factors beforehand. As for folding picnic tables, you should also carefully consider a few factors.

Size: Since you are purchasing a folding picnic table for outdoor activities with family and friends, you would want to make sure that it is big enough for everyone to sit comfortably. For a small number of people, picking table is easy, however, for a big number of people, tables to choose from are limited.

Weigh Capacity: During your outdoor outings, you will certainly put many items on the table, so just to make sure that it will not break down, you ought to check the weight capacity of the product meaning how much can the table hold.

Weight capacity depends on a different product, some products, despite being light in weight, has a huge weight capacity. So, do not judge the weight capacity just by the product’s weight.


Now that you have gone through both the reviews for each product and the buying guide, have you found one that you think is suitable for your outdoor activities yet? If you have found one, please do not hesitate and buy the product to make your outdoor experience with your family and friends memorable. We hope that our buying guide has helped with your decision making on which folding picnic table to choose.

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