Are you having difficulties searching for a gun scope that will improve your viewing accuracy during outdoor activities such as hunting? It is indeed a challenge to find a gun scope that will suit your gun and will offer more precise shots.

However, it is not an impossible task to find the best one for your gun. You can start off the searching by taking a look at the description of the top 10 best gun scopes.

10. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane

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Vortex Optics is a gun scope that is suitable for activities such as hunting. The dead-hold BDC reticle of this product is perfect at aiming at diverse ranges. Furthermore, Vortex Optics has a long eye relief that helps you get the sight aligned correctly with the target you are aiming at in no time. In addition, the eyepiece of this gun scope product allows quick focuses and quick and simple reticle focuses, which is helpful during hunting as the animals are unpredictable and fast. The lenses are fully coated with an anti-glare coating which improves vision and reduces eye strain, a beneficial factor for every user.

With Vortex Optics, users are able to adjust the elevation. The maximum elevation adjustment for this gun scope is 60 minutes of angle. The turrets of this product are finger flexible with a minute of angle clicks, and they are able to be reset to zero once sighted in. Lastly, the sole tube of it was made using an aircraft-grade aluminum meaning it is strong to prevent the users from receiving a shock during shooting. As for the O-ring of this product, it was covered with nitrogen producing a waterproof and fog proof lenses.

09. Xgazer Optics Point View 4-12×40 Rifle Scope

Xgazer Optics Point View 4-12x40 Rifle Scope

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What makes Xgazer Optics a one-of-a-kind gun scope is its versatility. Users can use this for various outdoor activities not limited to hunting. It is able to perform greatly even under unfavorable weather conditions. Xgazer Optics has a max light transmission that allows users to get clear and precise shots every time. The field of view of this product features a quick focus eyepiece that will get the users a sharp reticle picture.

With the updated design of the new eyepiece, users have no need for closing up on the scope while raising the gun scope’s magnification. Furthermore, it is compacted and light in weight, easier for users to carry without colliding with any objects that might scratch the gun scope.

08. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 AOE

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE

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Cvlife has a magnification of 6-24x. As for the objective diameter of the product, it is 50 mm. Cvlife has a field of view of 28 feet at 100 yards to deliver an accurate performance during your hunting or any other outdoor activities. This riflescope has a click value of 1/8 inch at 100 yards.

The click value shows how big the impact of the bullet hit the target for every single click when you turn the knob. Something that some other gun scopes do not have is the illuminated type of this product. Cvlife offers a red and green light.

07. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

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Simmons has a fully coated lenses that improve the precision of shots and also, the lenses are waterproof, fog-proof and recoil proof. Simmons has an adjustable magnification of 3-9x that makes the field of view wider as it decreases. The field of view is 31.3 feet at 100 yards.

Furthermore, it enables users to make an adjustment with the range at 100 yards of a 60-inch at 100 yards. It has a ¼ minutes of action audible click that is the standard or average for an American rifle scope.

06. UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Reticle

UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Reticle

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Uuq will help you obtain a great experience during hunting. You may have gone home empty-handed in the past which disappoints your hunting experience, however, with Uuq, your hunting experience will certainly improve. Uuq has a tubeless design with a 33 mm reflex lens aperture for a field of view of 15.8 at 100m.

Furthermore, it offers an illuminated green light and red light that reaches from 100 meters to 300 meters. Uuq has a low power consumption, it operates on a 3V lithium battery. Uuq is ideal for rapid-fire and for shooting agile targets. Lastly, it is made to be ergonomic with a length of 82 mm and a weight of 155g.

05. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6×24 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

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The APO optical feature of this product produces an excellent picture quality through high-quality, high density and low scattering optics. The optic is fully multi-coated with XR and anti-glare coating that increases the precision and reduces the loss of light. It is also coated with armortek coating that prevents external lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.

The scope is also waterproof and fog proof which is beneficial for great performances. Lastly, it has a 30mm tube that is able to tolerate a big impact and a big backlash.

04. theOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Pro 3-14x Smart

theOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Pro 3-14x Smart

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The OpticGuru has a low battery consumption. After each full charge, you are able to use it for a full 18 active hours, which means you will not be missing on any opportunities you have during hunting due to drained batteries. Furthermore, it features a ballistic calculator that makes every shot precise ensuring a kill. Lastly, there is a special offer for every customer.

When you purchase this gun scope, you will also receive an additional item which is X-Trac remote control. This offer is only valid from the 1st of August 2019 to the 31st of December 2019.

03. Primary Arms SLx3.5 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope

Primary Arms SLx3.5 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope

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Primary Arms has a R-Grid 2B reticle plus a horseshoe with chevron focus for the nearby zone and a MIL-DOT grid for accurate holds. Also, its first focal plane reticle parallels all of the 4-14x levels of magnification. Furthermore, it has 6 adjustable brightness feature that operates on a CR2032 battery.

The side parallax of Primary Arms is also adjustable. The optic of this gun scope is waterproof, recoil proof and fog proof. With its body made from heavy-duty aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum, it will not easily create a recoil.

02. Ozark Armament Razorback 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope Mil-Dot Reticle

Ozark Armament Razorback 1-6x24 SFP Rifle Scope Mil-Dot Reticle

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Ozark Armament has an adjustable magnification between 1x to 6x and with a throw lever. Its Mil-Dot reticle ignites in red and green. Furthermore, it has push lock turrets for simple yet reliable adjustments. Lastly, to ensure the customers of the quality of the product, Ozark Armament is supported by a no B.S. lifetime warranty.

01. Kalinka Optics POSP 8×42 Venez PRO, BDC

Kalinka Optics POSP 8x42 Venez PRO, BDC

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Kalinka Optics has a full multi-coated optic that improves the accuracy of each of the shots. Furthermore, it is constructed using magnesium alloy which means its density is low, however, it is strong in terms of strength so it will not easily recoil. Kalinka Optics, using a chevron center, provide aiming points for 1000, 1100 and 1200 meters when paired with a 7.62x54R caliber.

This product includes a CR123 battery compartment and a raised bottom mount for users to easily set up on VERP and Ak rifles. It is equipped with protections as it is designed to be ready for harsh weather conditions, so users do not need to worry if they are using it under an unexpected weather condition.

Buying Guide

A sun scope is not something you would frequently get, so certainly, it is a difficult task to do when searching for one that best suits your gun. As to avoid buying an unsuitable product, we suggest that you take a careful look at the factors below during your research of gun scope to find the most suitable one.

Coating: Be sure to check out the coating that the lenses have before deciding to purchase. Some gun scopes offer an anti-glare coating, also known as an anti-reflective coating, that helps improve the accuracy of each shot and also helps prevent straining users’ eyes after staring into the lenses for a period of time.

This coating reduces glare and the loss of light that are the consequences of light sunlight reflection. If the lenses of the gun scope have this coating, it will certainly be beneficial for use during the performance.

Field of View: Before searching, you should know that the field of view of a rifle scope is measured in feet at 100 yards. The field of view, to put it into simple words, is the view you see from right to left at that distance through the scope. The field of view (FOV) will go down as the magnification goes up and vice versa.

Now that you understand how the field of view of a gun scope works, you can check out the different fields of view with each of the products to see which one is best suited for your gun and your performance preference.


Now that you have finished taking a look at the description of each product as well as the buying guide for gun scope, we hope that you have found a product that would best suit your gun. And, if you do, do not hesitate to get yours whilst stocks last.

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