Dressing up should be something that makes you enjoy doing every day. It should also be something that can lift up your self-confidence as well. That is why, every time you choose your outfit, it is important to examine its quality and what it can do for your body. Likewise, when it comes to choosing the best jeans, it is about both look and comfort. Choosing the one that makes you feel comfortable and look good while wearing can help you to go through the day like nothing difficult at all.

We care about our female mates. That is why our aim is to help you pick the jeans that make your bum look good when they are on. You may now take all of your time going through each review to find the ones that best fit you.

10. Women’s Butt Lift Stretch Denim Jeans

Hybrid & Co

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If the color option matters to you, here is the right product you should first take a look at. This Hybrid & Co offers super duper comfy jeans that offer various coloring choices. It is made from cotton for 76% and the rest are from polyester and spandex. This way, it is very durable and very safe on the skin.

Thanks to its butt lifting design, it offers a skinny look on your body and lifts the entire bum without any padding required. The jeans are very stretchy which you can walk and run with the strength you prefer.

09. LT.ROSE Distressed Butt Lifting Ripped Colombian Jeans Levanta Cola

LT.ROSE Best Jeans

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LT.ROSE is also a pair of jeans that make your bum look good. It offers a variety of color choices, but mostly in dark ones. These skinny jeans is designed with a lifting feature that helps to raise your bum and makes it look good. Designed in a high waist style, it is very comfy to put on. More importantly, these jeans is very stretchy which gives you the freedom to walk, run, and jump at your convenience.

It is slim fit jeans which help to make your curves appear when you wear it. Furthermore, it is thick enough to cover up any underwear lines and offers you high self-confidence.

08. Plus/Junior Size Colombian Design High Waist Butt Lift Levanta Cola Skinny Jeans

Fashion2Love Jeans

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Fashion2Love is also one of many famous brands that is usually chosen by both teenagers and adults. Made mostly of cotton, the jeans are very soft and comfortable on your skin. Together with polyester and spandex materials, they make the jeans very stretchy to wear. You can wear this all day long without feeling stuffy at all thanks to its cool effect and good airflow design.

In addition to this, it comes with a skinny leg cut style that offers the perfect fit to your wearing. Because of its tightness, it will help your curves to adorably appear and also help to lift up your buttocks.

07. Fashion2Love Plus Size Mid Waist, Butt Lifting, Skinny Leg Jeans Washed Blue


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Product #7 also comes from the Fashion2Love brand and it is mid-waist jeans that give your bum with a great lifting. Coming with denim color, it looks super duper stylist on your body. Together with a great zipper closure system, it always gives you great privacy and confidence during wearing. With its skinny design, these denim jeans provide your bum a great lifting while also shows off your perfect curves.

It is tight yet very stretchy which never harms your walking, running, or climbing at all. It looks simple yet very classy which you can pair it together with a blouse, jacket, or just simply a t-shirt.

06. High Rise-Waisted Women Juniors Colored Stretchy Skinny Butt Lift Jeans Plus Size


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Coming next, it is a pair of jeans that make your bum look good from 143Fashion. These jeans are available in many colors including, denim, black, yellow, and more. It also comes with many sizes which also fit plus size ladies as well. Made of cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex, it is not only comfortable to wear, but also stretchy enough to walk, run, and climb the stairs.

With a few cuts as its style, it is very modern and stylish to put on yourself. Interestingly, it does not fade in color no matter how many times you wash it. The sizes available are S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

05. Curvify 764 Women’s Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans


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If you are a fan of white jeans, then it is time to see this pair from Curvify. This is a but lifting jeans that are designed to show off your bump and curves. Because of its back yoke, it helps to raise your bum and make it look round. Together with its skinny design, it provides a great fit for your wearing. Featuring some cuts around knees, it adds extra style and classy kind of feel.

It is high waist jeans that come with two buttons making it look sleek. Curvify high waist and butt raise jeans can also be washed with both hands and machines and still maintain its great shape.

04. Curvify Classic High Rise Skinny Jeans

Curvify best Jeans

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Product #4 is also a product from Curvify so you may be familiar with its quality. It arrives with a high waist design which helps to cover up your belly. Furthermore, it has a butt raising design that helps to lift up the butt. This way, it makes your waist look smaller and your bum looks rounder. Coming with a hidden zipper, it never messes up the entire look at all.

At the back, it styles the jeans with its five-pocket cuts making it look classic and classy at the same time. The jeans are made of cotton, polyester, and other high-quality materials that make it stretchy and comfy enough for the entire day.

03. Laty Rose 2016 Jeans Colombianos Levanta Cola Blue Denim Butt Lifter Jeans

LT.ROSE Best Jeans

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LT.ROSE is back at it again with its bum lifting jeans that can magically make your bum look greater, and rounder. These jeans feature Colombian style that offers fashionable look to your lower body. It is skinny jeans that allow your curves to do the talking. By wearing this, you can stretch to wherever you want to, and enjoy being comfortable all day long.

Thanks to its top-quality materials, the jeans can always keep their shape and color after going through many laundries. It is also an ideal pair of jeans for plus size women as well.

02. Curvify Women’s Butt-Lifting Jeans Capris


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Curvify is very popular among users and is able to earn another place on the review list which is ranked as the 2nd top. It is not long jeans, but its length is about your knee which is not too short to wear. Because it comes with Capri style, the jeans provide instant booty boost which makes your bum look good the entire day.

The jeans feature 3 top stitched darts that offer additional contour for making your bum noticed. Added to that, it has a wide and high waist design that makes your waist look slimmer and your hips rounder.

01. Aranza Pantalones Colombianos Levanta Cola Butt Lifting Colombian Jeans


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Even if Curvify soars in popularity, Aranza still wins over and gets the 1st ranking on the list. If you ever look for something comfy, soft, cool, and good to put on, choose this one then you will never regret it. Made in Colombia, it tends to provide Colombian style. In the back area, it comes with 3 connected lines that help to enhance the look of your curve and bum.

Meanwhile, the high waist is designed to cover your belly and improve your waist curve. It has a strong denim color which is simply elegant. Due to high-quality fabrics, Aranza high waist butt lift jeans allow you to move as hard as you want to with its stretchy feel.

Buying Guide for Jeans that make your bum look good

Style: Style should be the first thing to think of when you look for any clothes. The same goes for picking for the jeans that make your bum look good. We highly recommend you look for jeans that come with a high waist. This is because the high waist helps to slim down your belly and makes your waist look smaller. It can also enhance the curve of your waistline and hips so that your bum can look bigger, and rounder.

Stretchy & Comfy: When you buy jeans, you do not only look for style but comfort and stretching should always tag along. Stretchy jeans allow you to walk, run, or climb at your convenience while being comfy with it allows you to go through the day with satisfaction. From product #10 down to #1, they are very stretchy and keep you cool all day.

Color options: Then, it is about color options. It is better if there are choices of color provided. This allows you to choose the color that looks great on you. Color can also affect the look of your legs, and bum. If you do not know which one to choose, we highly recommend you go for denim or strong denim since they are simply classy.


All in all, choosing the jeans that make your bum look good requires effort and time. That is why we highly selected the ones that are best and highly rated on the market. A list of buying guide is also provided so that it better assists you in finding the right products for yourself. If you have been through the reviews and found the ones that you like, it is time to do yourself a favor. Enjoy shopping!

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