Christmas is a special occasion enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages. A great Christmas event would not be completed without a dazzling Christmas tree. It can make the atmosphere fancier and brighten up the room while being a great decorative item.

Choosing the right Christmas tree lights can be tricky at times as each Christmas tree light is a combination of various colors, shapes, and modes. Therefore, our team is here to help with our compilation of the best Christmas tree lights with top-notch qualities and performances. Let’s find out more.

10. Star Shower Tree Dazzler LED Light Show by BulbHead

Star Shower Tree Dazzler
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Tree Dazzler is the perfect solution to having a festive and dazzling looking Christmas tree without the littlest hassle. Tree Dazzler has up to 131 LED light pattern that can definitely give u a spectacular light show. Not only can it give you x2 light power, but it also offers three types of light show modes, which are still, shimmer and show. The still mode can display solid colors, such as red, blue, green, white, candy cane and rainbow.

Meanwhile, the shimmer mode is designed to make your tree twinkle with blinking lights of red, blue, pink, purple, green and rainbow. The show mode displays various color in the pattern of scrolling and vertical waves. The set-up process of Tree Dazzler is easy and quick as it can be done in a few seconds by first placing the ring then plug-in tree dazzlers. In terms of its size, Tree Dazzler is 3.9 x 7.5 x 10.5 inches in dimension and 2.01 pounds in weight.

09. ZOIC 500 LED Christmas Wedding Party Fairy String Light Lamp

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Zoic is safe and efficient in saving energy with its feature of 500 LEDs guaranteed by UL and CSA certification. The total power of Zoic is 6 watts and it does not consume any heat. Zoic can offer the comfort of not having to set the light up again after electricity cutoff because Zoic can automatically remember the last setting. Zoic offers up to eight modes to choose from, which are, combination, sequential, chasing/flash, slogs, in waves, twinkle, slow fade and steady on.

It is guaranteed that Zoic can bright up the atmosphere inside and outside. Zoic is extremely versatile and it can be used in many occasions, such as party, wedding, bathroom, window, home, shows, restaurant, hotels, shopping center and so on and so forth. In regards to its size, Zoic is 9.4 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches in dimension and 3 pounds in weight.

08. UL Certified Warm White LED Christmas String Lights

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Yuletime is a well-recognized Christmas tree light that is 100% certified by UL which ensures complete safety for you and your family. Even if one light bulb is damaged, the power, voltage, and current of the entire circuit would not be affected and would continue to work normally. The string has a total length of 66 feet and the distance between each bulb is 4 inches. Yuletime is designed to be extremely eco-friendly considering how it can save up to 90% energy compared to ordinary super bright lights.

The bulb life is longlasting enough to last up to 50000 hours. Not to mention, Yuletime is built to last with its top-quality materials of 22 AWG wire. It should also be highlighted about Yuletime’s customer care offer a new item or a full refund if the purchase has problems. Regarding its size, Yuletime is 8.9 x 7.4 x 2.9 inches in dimension and 2 pounds in weight.

07. DanLi Flexible 100ft/30m 2-Wire Waterproof LED Rope Light Kit

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DanLi is an LED rope light that is special in many ways. First of all, Danli is waterproof which means that it can be used in a wide variety of occasion withholding against extreme weathers and seasons. Secondly, DanLi provides great customer care service offering a full refund within 30 days of purchase if there is dissatisfaction of purchase. Thirdly, DanLi can be bend into various shapes easily according to your preference. Regarding its size, DanLi is 11 x 10.7 x 5.2 inches in dimensions and 7.04 pounds in weight.

06. MYGOTO Christmas Lights String Lights 500 LED 165FT 8 Modes Plug in String Lights

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MYGOTO is a top-quality LED string light that is 10 x 9.9 x 2.9 inches in dimension and 2.11 pounds in weight. The total flight distance is 10 centimeters with an additional 3.5 meters lead wire. The color is multi-colored and can be changed according to your mood. MYGOTO is the ideal item for the decorations of both your indoor and outdoor rooms. There are eight modes to choose from while using MYGOTO and all of them can create a romantic ambiance. If there are any questions or problems, the customer service team of MYGOTO is happy to help at any times.

05. ollrieu LED Rope Lights Outdoor,Flexible 50ft Waterproof Strip Lights Daylight

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Each purchase of OLLRIEU comes along with a set of screws and clamps to secure the rope when hanged on the ceiling or wrap around the trees. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the risk of accidental falling. The coating PVC can protect the bulb of OLLRIEU making it extremely durable and waterproof. The LED lights of PVC is perfect for ambient lighting. OLLRIEU offers a 12 months warranty that includes free replacement and a full refund. In terms of its size, OLLRIEU is 11 x 9 x 3 inches in dimension and 3.95 pounds in weight.

04. Vilaka 300LEDs Christmas String Lights 33M/108FT Fairy Twinkle String Light

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Vilaka is a Christmas string light with a total of 300 LED lights and a total length of 33 meters equivalent to 108 feet. As Vilaka is waterproof, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Vilaka is innovative considering how it can function up to eight modes and has a memory function to remember the previous setting. In regards to its size, Vilaka is 7.9 x 4.1 x 3.9 inches in dimension and 1.15 pounds in weight.

03. 72 Ft Outdoor Solar Rope Lights, String Lights with RF Remote

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Homestarry is 6.4 x 5.6 x 2.8 inches in dimension and 13.6 ounces in weight. The wire is waterproof and coated with copper to prevent it from getting tangled or broken. The cutting-edge technology of Homestarry allows it to convert photoelectric by up to 21%. The quality can be ensured with the 24/7 customer services.

02. PYSICAL® 110V 2-Wire Waterproof LED Rope Light Kit

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Not only is Pysical safe, but it is also reliable with its power plug infuse design. As the wires are thick and coated in plastic tube, it has strong flexibility as well as strong heat-resistance. It also has UV protection which makes it durable and connectable. There is also a 12 months warranty that comes along with every purchase of Pysical. In regards to its size, Pysical is 10.2 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches in dimension and 6.79 pounds in weight.

01. Diojilad LED Christmas String Lights Outdoor Tree Light

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Diojilad can be used in many different purposes, including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Wedding, Party, and Festival. There are eight lighting modes with memory functions to recover the last settings. It can be used for indoor and outdoor to withstand extreme weathers. The light color is warm white while the wire color is Dark Green.

Moreover, Diojilad is smart enough to continue functioning even if one light bulb is broken. The quantity of LED in Diojilad is 300. It can be long-lasting and it even offers a 12 months warranty. In regards to its size, Diojilad is 6.9 x 4.5 x 4 inches in dimension and 1.57 pounds in weight.

Buying Guide

Length: Knowing the length of the string can help you choose the right tree light that fits with your Christmas tree.

A number of bulbs: Different tree lights are designed for different purposes with different level of brightness. Therefore, you should bear in mind the number of bulbs when purchasing a tree light.

Energy Saving: A great tree light should also incorporate environment as a principle. It should be eco-friendly with the features of energy-saving.

Colors: Color is a very important aspect of tree light so make sure you choose the color you desire. Not to mention, many tree lights offer various modes to switch accordingly.

Waterproof: If a tree light is waterproof, it means that it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Therefore, avoid choosing one that is not waterproof if you aims to display your Christmas tree outside.


This list of the top best Christmas tree lights was put together after a long period of research done by our team. Therefore, choosing to purchase one of these Christmas tree light will surely meet your expectation in finding the best one that can provide not only the best quality to brighten up your Christmas trees but also, durability and designs. We hope that this review has played its role in assisting you to buy the most suitable Christmas tree without any regret. For further assistance, our team has also prepared a special buying guide for you.

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