To take a clean and professional photo, having a photo studio is very important. However, although a lot of professional photographers have their own photo studio in their offices, it’s still highly important to own a portable studio where they can bring along wherever they go. A lot of times, portable photo studio is used for small item photography such as foods, makeup, toys and many more.

Instead of bringing this product to the main studio base, it’s always highly beneficial that photographers bring a portable studio along so it saves a lot of time and resources. Also, portable studio is highly affordable, too.

If you are here looking for the best portable photo studios, you’re lucky. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 10 best portable photo studio that everyone who works in the industry should own at least one of them. Without further ado, let’s sift through these leading products.

10. HAVOX Photo Studio – Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting

HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80D - Dimension 32

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As the first product in the list, here at the top 10th, we have a high-quality portable photo studio from HAVOX. What makes this product so outstanding is that it’s constructed with up to 168 SMD LED light and featured up to 13000 lumens and a color temperature of 5500K. HAVOX is also very easy for light adjustment, so you can choose however you want to light to be. Besides, there are also 3 different types of background shades you can select, so it can match your object perfectly.

HAVOX is rated as one of the simplest and easy portable studios because you can operate it without any specific skill level. Moreover, there will be a user manual given in the package to instruct on how you should use this too. Aside from this, you will also get the carry bag for storing the product. This portable studio size is measured at 23.6” × (W) 23.6” × (H) 23.6”.

09. Photo Light Box, FOSITAN Photo Studio Brightness Adjustable Portable Folding Shooting

Photo Light Box, FOSITAN Photo Studio Box 20

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On the top 9th best portable studio is from a brand called FOSITAN. What’s special about FOSITAN is that it’s designed with very premium quality LED lights that are not only bright, but it’s also very safe to use. Moreover, it can be softened the brightness effectively; giving dynamism to your photo. FOSITAN has up to 5 different colors of PVC background paper that allows you to shoot different items with ease. Last but not least, it’s very effortless to install, too. All you would need to assemble this portable photo studio is just 3 seconds.

When purchasing the product from FOSITAN, you’ll get a photo studio, bright dimmer, background paper, power adapter, and diffuser cloth. Last but not least, there’s also a 12-month warranty that guarantees no concerns at all about the product.

08. Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio Photo with Tent Light Box

Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio Photo Light Studio Photo Tent Light Box

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Moving onto another high-quality product on the top 8th is from Finnhomy. What’s special about Finnhomy is that it has all the lights you would need to take a perfect photo. With adjustable LED bars, you can set it anyway to dictate the light position. Moreover, there are also up to 3 color options you can use for different types of photography.

On top of this, because Finnhomy is made of the highest premium tent, so it’s very durable to use or to install, so you don’t have to worry about the products getting tear up easily. This portable photo studio also has a carry bag included in the package, so you can easily bring it anywhere.

07. Travor Photo Light Box Portable Photography Studio Box Shooting

Travor Photo Light Box Portable 16''x16'' Photography Studio Box Shooting

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Here at the top 7th, we have another high-quality portable photo studio from Travor. One of the key points that make Travor standing out again the rest in the market is that it is featured with a very premium LED lightbox that doesn’t only provide an adequate source of light for the photo, but it is also safe with your eyes as the light exposes to you. A lot of Travor’s loyal clients praise this product that it’s ideal for any jewelry, watch or other digital products photography.

For Travor, there are up to 4 different colors backdrop and up to 6 pieces of filters, so it helps to set a lot with the appearance of the items. Moreover, this product also comes with a tripod where you can use to support your phone/camera, so it stands stably. What’s even greater is that before any product is sending out following your order, it will be tasted, so you won’t have any problem with the product’s quality.

06. SAMTIAN Portable Photo Light Box – Photography Studio Light Box Shooting Tent

SAMTIAN Photo Light Box, Portable 16x16x16 Inches Photography Studio Light Box Shooting Tent

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Moving onto the top 6th, this is the top portable photo studio from a famous brand called SAMTIAN, with its model called F40. Using up to 84 pieces of LED as the lighting, it’s far brighter than another portable photo studio up to 3 times. Moreover, it is also designed with reflective fabric so the light can be distributed fairly all over the box. On top of that, this product also allows the multi-angle shooting because it’s built with micro-hole that enables you to have different shooting directions on your object.

Besides, this portable photo studio is highly compatible to use with any devices; no matter if it’s smartphone, cameras or eve camcorder, so you can even have it as a personal studio for a small business. When purchasing, you will get all the important accessories included in the package, so you won’t have to buy anything else at all.

05. Travor Photo Studio Light Box Portable Photography Shooting Tent

Travor Photo Box 16

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Another high-quality portable photo studio from Travor is on the top 4th and the model is usually known as M40. What’s special about M40 is that it’s constructed with two excellent LED light beads with high CRI, so the studio is brightness to take a great shot of any object. Moreover, its dimmable lighting level ranges from 0% to 100%; which means you can have any light flexibility as you need to. Besides, Travor M40 comes with 4 different colors of the backdrop; including white, black, red and blue. Hence, it allows you to choose any color that matches your object the most.

Also, Travor M40 has the reflective fabric on the inner side, so you can take the photo of an object with very least shadow. Last but not least, Travor also comes in a set with other useful accessories and user manual, so you’ll fit it very beneficial to have it.

04. LimoStudio Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting

LimoStudio 16

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Moving onto the top 4th, we have another great performance and top-rated portable photo studio from LimoStudio. Made from high-quality polyester, LimoStudio is highly durable, so it’s perfect to use in terms of the portable photo studio. Moreover, this material also allows the box to create soft and neutral light that can idealize the photoshoot.

Also, LimoStudio comes with 4 different backdrop colors so that you can have a variety of options to choose from for your shooting. Besides, this product also comes with a mini camera stand that you can adjust to fit your smartphone for stable shooting. No matter if we are talking about quality or flexibility, LimoStudio has it all.

03. MOUNTDOG Photo Studio LED Light Box – Portable Photography Tent Table

MOUNTDOG Photo Studio LED Light Box 20

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Here at the top 3rd, it’s a brand new product from MOUNTDOG. It comes in a full package with everything that a professional portable photo studio would have. Talking about the product’s performance, MOUNTDOG is constructed with reflective fabric inside that allows the light to be more uniform and prevent a problem such as vignette. Moreover, because you can dim the brightness anyhow you want, you can take a perfect photo; even just with your smartphone. With its size, it can be the best portable photo studio for any objects whose size is measured from small to medium range.

Besides, MOUNTDOG also offers a carry bag along in the package where you can store the product and its accessories anywhere you go. Last but not least, it also comes with a 12-month warranty on the product’s quality, so if you have any problem, you know you can contact the team 24/7.

02. Amzdeal Photo Light Box – Photo Studio Professional Photography Tent

Amzdeal Photo Light Box 32 x 32in Photo Studio Professional Photography Tent

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Moving onto the top 2nd, here comes another great quality portable photo studio from Amzdeal. A lot of customers rated this product very highly because it’s one of the best shooting light tents with 2 amazing Led light brands and measures at 6584K, so the light source is bright enough to take any objects. Moreover, it also has the diffuser feature that allows you to take a perfect photo of any items that have a glare surface.

On top of that, Amzdeal product comes with 3-door systems that ensure no shadow on the item as the light is on. Also, there are up to 3 different color background you can choose to style your photo. No matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer, this tool will make your photo remains premium.

01. SAMTIAN Photo Box, Photo Light Box – 126 LED Light Photo Studio Shooting Tent

SAMTIAN Photo Box, Photo Light Box 32x32x32 Inches 126 LED Light Photo Studio Shooting Tent

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Finally, moving onto the last product which is yet another portable studio is from SAMTIAN. What makes this top 1st product highly unbeatable in the market is that it uses up to 126 pieces 5500K LED light beads that can produce up to 13000 lumens, so it’s bright enough for any shooting. Moreover, it is labeled with CRI 95 and brightness dimmer that allows you to have natural and vivid shooting filters. Besides, this SAMTIAN portable photo studio also uses a reflective fabric inner wall that allows the light to shed evenly. This product is perfect for any small to large size object because the box is a lot bigger than a lot of other products in the market.

Furthermore, it’s very effortless to install and it can be done with no other tools assisting. This product also comes with 4 different background colors that you can change to match your object. Last but definitely not least, it also comes with 12-month warranty and lifetime support, so every penny you spend will truly worth it.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best portable photo studio, the most important thing you will have to look for includes the amount of light, size, and portability of the product. In terms of light, it needs to be bright enough but it should also be able to be adjusted for its brightness, so you can have a whole flexibility on the light level.

Moreover, the size is also important. Since you need to take objects inside for the photoshoot, the size of the studio must be big enough for the object to fit inside perfectly. Lastly, the product should always be light enough to bring along and easy enough to install and uninstall because then you can bright it anywhere for your work.


After reading this article, until this point, you should now be able to find the best portable photo studio. Thank you for spending time with us.

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